Savannah, Georgia - Ancestral Walk: Using Genealogy, History & Culture for Healing - Closed

$725 usd
Thu, Oct 13, 2022, 12:00 PM EDT – Sun, Oct 16, 2022, 12:30 PM EDT
Savannah, Georgia - Ancestral Walk: Using Genealogy, History & Culture for Healing - Closed


Savannah, Georgia

This multi-day adventure in Savannah, Georgia is designed for participants who are interested in exploring African American history, genealogy, and culture as a source of healing. We will be joined by historian Dr. Kenja McCray as she takes us through the cultural history of Savannah and how Anti-Blackness shaped slavery in the region. We will be joined by professional tour guide Ms. Bethany J. Campbell on our journey. She combines her experience as a former museum director and Savannah native to provide rich insight into the history of Savannah and its African descended population. Whether you are new to researching your own African American genealogy or a seasoned veteran of history and culture, this tour is for you. We will embody the principle of Sankofa through understanding the present by connecting to the past to find healing in order to move towards the future. During this weekend excursion, we take the concept of a tour and turn it on its head through a series of experiential, thoughtful, and creative activities that intertwine psychology, history, art, and culture.

Even if you do not have an ancestral history in Georgia, Savannah played a major role in the trans-Atlantic trade in human beings through the invention of the cotton gin and the setting of prices for the commodity at the Savannah Cotton Exchange. In addition, Major Pierce Butler was based in Georgia. He was a signer of the U.S. Constitution, author of the Fugitive Slave Clause, and one of the largest enslavers in the country. His grandson, Pierce Butler, went on to be responsible for the largest auction of enslaved Africans in U.S. history, known as the Weeping Time. This sale decimated the lives of enslaved Africans so that Butler could pay off his gambling debts and maintain a lavish lifestyle. Our tour of Savannah will explore this history and much more. We will capstone our trip with an ancestral walk as we remember the names (known and unknown) of the Africans held captive in Savannah during the period of enslavement.

Join us for a weekend of walking tours, creativity, and exploration of Gullah's cultural and culinary history in Savannah, Georgia, October 13-16, 2022.

Participants earn 10 continuing education for mental health professional or professional development credit for other fields.

Charleston, South Carolina (optional)

Round out the weekend with a 1 day trip to Charleston, South Carolina. We will visit Sullivan's Island, the port of entry of an estimated 40% of enslaved Africans, the burial ground of the great Seminole warrior, Osceola, and the waterways that Robert Smalls used to sail a confederate ship into union hands during the civil war. We are joined by guides who describe the massive contributions made by people of African descent to the history and culture of Savannah.

Participants earn 6 continuing education for mental health professional or professional development credit for other fields.

To participate for a discounted rate of $575, register for our Confronting Anti-Blackness & Creating Wellness series, here.

For more information on the Confronting Anti-Blackness & Creating Wellness series, select the program links below:

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October 13 | Arrival & Welcome Reception Optional Tour to Butler Island

October 14 | Savannah Heritage, cultural exploration, and culinary experience

October 15 | Ancestral walking tour

October 16 | Departure; Optional Tour to Charleston, SC


  1. Discuss the role of the Savannah Cotton Exchange and the southern region on enslavement and identity development among people of African descent.
  2. Describe three ways that Anti-Blackness shaped slavery in Savannah and the surrounding region.
  3. Discuss the historical impact of Anti-Blackness on contemporary client identity development and overall psychological wellbeing.
  4. Use historical knowledge as a psycho-educational intervention to promote healthy identity development among clients.
  5. Explain how culture influences worldview and ultimately the clinical interventions selected for use with a client.
  6. Describe the benefits of therapists expanding their knowledge of history and culture as a psycho-educational intervention.
  7. Describe the concept of transgenerational trauma.
  8. Identify historical traumatic stressors resulting in transgenerational psychological changes among people of African descent.
  9. Demonstrate increased clinical competence in using therapeutic interventions that address client identity and psychological health through transgenerational therapeutic models of healing.
  10. Describe two methods for utilizing historical and genealogical research for healing.

Savannah Trip Alone

CE Credits | 10 Core | Psychologists

CLOCK HOURS | 10 Core | Social Work
CE Hours | 10 Core | School Psychologists & Counselors
LMFT’s related hours

Savannah & Charleston Trip Combined

CE Credits | 16 Core | Psychologists

CLOCK HOURS | 16 Core | Social Work
CE Hours | 16 Core | School Psychologists & Counselors
LMFT’s related hours

Flight & Accommodations

You can make your own hotel and flight arrangements or use the independent travel agent listed below. We have reserved a small block of rooms at The River Street Inn. Fees may apply if you request services beyond those outlined for the trip. October is a busy time in Savannah, so you will notice that hotel prices are at a premium. If you make your own arrangements, we encourage you to make reservations that are refundable. We will monitor the pandemic and provide updates if the status of this activity changes.

Tiffany Gunn - (470) 799-0221

Early Bird

Investment - $725 (Savannah) | $325 (Charleston)

Registration includes entrance fees, tour guides, facilitation by a historical professor, one professionally prepared low country dinner (Savannah), and continuing & professional education credit. Flight, hotel & ground transportation are NOT included.

Activity Level

Significant walking & active engagement. Participants must be independently mobile and able to engage in significant walking, bending, and prolonged outdoor activities.


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